Summit School Early Learning Center

Why Choose Summit Early Learning Center for your Child?

Summit Early Learning Center delivers early childhood educaton in a way in which respects each child as an individual, fosters each child's strengths, and delivers positive learning experiences to enrich a child's life.

Solid Base Programs

Summit Early Learning Center programs are designed to develop cognitive, adaptive, motor, language, and social/emotional developmental skills. Teachers also assist families in toilet traning as needed.

Readiness Skills

Assisting children in their formative years is at the core of Summit School's roots. Children are encouraged to explore, and challenged to learn. Children build relationships with peers and adults while learning and having fun. Children learn readiness skills through exposure to colors and shapes, numbers and counting, art experiences and hands on activities.

Nurturing Each Child

Summit Early Learning Center provides children of all abilities with their first preschool experience in a skilled and caring educational atmosphere. The three-to-five year program takes place two and a half hours per day, two, three or five days per week

Teachers are highly qualified with Masters Degrees in Early Childhood, ensuring that each child receives a program to meet his/her individual development. Staff guide children as they learn and grow, providing developmentally appropriate activities with hands on experiences that are rich in quality.