Bath time

We all know that parents can spend hours every week on bath time with their toddlers, but did you realize that all of that scrubbing time is perfect learning time too?

Bath time is great for teaching your child important skills for kindergarten. Start by asking your child to list the things you need for bath time? Ask your child why those things are necessary.

As your child is bathing, point out the letters on the shampoo bottles. Ask your child to name them and tell you the sound they make. Have them find the letters of their name, and count out how many they found. Now you’re doing math in the bath!

We’ve got some more suggestions for you to make bath time fun, and help your preschoolers build important skills for kindergarten at the same time. From I Spy and painting to ice fishing and bubble science, you can turn your bathtub into a fun, interactive classroom.


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