bedtime routine

The holidays can do a number on kids’ bedtime routines. Lots of activities, parties and family fun can lead to late nights and missed naps.

It important for your children to feel included in the festivities, but it is best not to throw all healthy habits out the window. There are ways to keep your child well-rested this holiday season while still letting him or her enjoy all of the fun.

Bedtime and nap routines provide structure and offer consistency for your child. Here are some tips to make sleep a priority during the winter break:

• Make plans that better suit your family’s needs

• Build nap times into your schedule if a late night is a must

• Make time to wind down after a busy day (put toys away, dim the lights, read a book)

If you do find that your child gets out of her routine over the next few weeks, remember that the transition back to her school night bedtime routine can be difficult. To make this transition easier, make sure that the move is gradual. If you abruptly insist that your child go to bed significantly earlier than her “holiday” bedtime, she probably will not be able to fall asleep. Consider pushing bedtime by 15 minutes each night and prepare for a few possibly “crabby” days as you all jump into the New Year!

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