i spy . . .shapes

If you've played "I Spy" to keep your little one occupied, you know that the game really does engage a child (and adults as well) on many levels. As you and your child explore the presence of shapes in your surroundings, "I Spy" is a perfect way to reinforce a basic concept and many more.

As a matter of a fact, there are many benefits to playing this game, especially with young children. It helps young children become more observant of their surroundings. Further,

children spot objects more quickly when encouraged by words than if they are only encouraged by pictures. The game taps into children's cognitive systems, improving their ability to learn and to guide themselves through complexed surroundings.

The added beauty of “I Spy” is that you can play it with your child ANYWHERE at ANYTIME! At home, in the grocery store or while waiting at the doctor’s office, there are lots of ways to get creative with this fun game.

Here’s a scenario to try with your preschooler: “I spy with my little eye. . . a square. Can you find a square? Remember, it has four sides and four corners. Can you count the sides of the square?”

As your child identifies a square for you, perhaps it’s a picture frame or a road sign, try engaging him more with additional questions. What else can you think of that is in the shape of a square? What food is shaped like a square?

As your child considers your questions and discusses the answers with you, you are not only reinforcing shape concepts but building her other critical thinking skills. To read more about why it is important for preschoolers to learn shapes and why a square can be so much more than a square in your child’s learning process, click HERE.

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