With their advancing language development, a child is learning to do fun games with words. Rhyming is fun but takes a lot of practice for your child to hear the difference in the words.

Children’s authors, like Dr. Seuss, introduce creative worlds, characters and stories built around word sounds and rhyming. These books offer great opportunities to play word games with your children as you read the stories.

For example, as you read a paragraph in a story with rhyming words, stop and say one of the rhyming words. Have the child say the other rhyming word. For example with the book: The Cat in the Hat

Have no fear said the Cat,

I will not let you fall.

I will hold you up high,

As I stand on this ball.

As the reader, you can say “fall” and then help your child say “ball.”

For more ideas on games to play with rhyming words, visit https://www.themeasuredmom.com/activities-for-learning-rhyming-words/