Many Benefits of Music

Incorporating music into your child’s life from birth positively affects their brain development. Research shows that music’s long-term benefits for a child include greater academic success, better social emotional skills, and stronger family relationships.

Because children have a natural desire to move to music, it's easy to include some aspect of it into your child's daily routine. This movement has a positive effect on brain development. Both listening to and making music help children.

Listen to different kinds of good music with your child. Classical music is more complex and is thought to build more connections in the brain. Music from different cultures can help your child learn about different people and places. Encourage your child to experiment with singing, dancing, and using simple instruments.

• Sing to your child. This is fun and helpful, even if you “can’t carry a tune.”

• Encourage your child to move or dance along to all types of music.

• Provide many types of music, via radio, CDs or TV. There are many sing-a-long tapes, CDs, and videos for children. You can also check these out of the local library or visit YouTube for options.

• Public television stations often show ballets, operas, symphony concerts, etc. Sit down with your child and enjoy a show you might not get to see somewhere else.

• Play soothing music at naptime or bedtime.

• Playing marching music in the morning when getting ready or during cleanup time.

As you build music into your daily routines, you will find your child responding in different ways and the bond you share strengthening.

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