Matching & sorting

As a parent, did you know that children don’t start learning math just by counting “one, two, three…”? Matching and Sorting are probably more important in preschool years than even counting skills.

Early matching skills that a child needs to develop are matching for Shape, Size, Color, One to One and Same Sets. Like Matching, Sorting is an important pre-math skill. Children need to learn how to sort by Color, Size and Shape.

Basic matching games for children have been around for years and are always evolving to feature the latest movie or TV show characters. But, you have plenty of opportunities inside, outside and all around you to encourage your child as he/she builds these important skills.

Items to match include socks, shoes, cups, cars, mittens, foods, shapes and more!

Want to sort as you clean up after dinner? Encourage your child to sort items such as plates, bowls, and silverware. When playing outside, your child can sort sticks, stones, leaves, etc.

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