Get Real with your students' eagle points


Hi Summit Parents!

Have you ever wondered how your child is doing during the school day? Do you want more than a bland “It’s ok,” after you ask your child the classic question “How was your day?” Do you want to be able to anticipate a rough day? Do you want to recognize or reward your child for good school performance?

If you just said “yes”, then look no further than the information that’s available at your fingertips!

With the advent of this school year, Summit’s Eagle Program moved from paper-and-pencil to fully digital-and-online, which means that you the parents can have instant access to so much detailed information.

Imagine being able to see how your child does during each of the 7 class periods of the day and having that information before they arrive home.

Imagine seeing your child step off the bus and being able to say “It looks like my Rock Star earned full points for the second day in a row! How about we get your fav ice cream after dinner?”

Imagine catching her walking into the house and saying “Hey, I saw that you had a rough start, but I also saw how you turned it around. I love you.”

Imagine having the foreknowledge that it was a very rough day at school and being prepared to say “Hey buddy. Whatever happened at school, you’re home now. Relax. I’m here if you want to talk about it or need help. Tomorrow is a new day.”

At Summit, we are very proud to see our students grow through the Eagle Program. And now, we are excited to show our Summit Parents the same. To see snippets of the information available to you, READ the September Summit School newsletter. Please reach out to your child’s case manager for the direct link to the Eagle Program for your own child. We are here to help you read and understand this wealth of actionable information. This is intended to be supplementary and does not replace any existing communication.


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