summertime funtime

It's summer -- that time of year when we bid farewell to our students, hoping they don't forget everything they've learned during the school year.

Now you get to take on the challenge of keeping your children physically busy and mentally active during long summer days.

- Teach kids to cook with the step-by-step lessons and recipes at

- Make homemade Bubble Solution and experiment with such unique Bubble-Blowing Tools as strings, milk containers, and garbage can lids.

- Formula 1 - 1 part dawn, 15 parts water, ¼ part glycerin or white karo syrup

- Formula 2 – 2 parts Dawn, 4 parts glycerin, 1 part white karo syrup

- Create musical instruments from materials found around the house.

- Cool down by making Ice Cream in a Bag.

- Catch a firefly and then go online to learn more about fireflies or read a book, such as Fireflies by Sally M. Walker, to help your child learn more about them.

- Start a rock collection Create patterns using summer items (Popsicle sticks, shells, flowers). Or, draw patterns in the sand or dirt using a stick or your hands. See how long you can carry out your pattern — along the length of the sandbox, or across the grass.

- Keep an eye out for shapes, patterns, and designs when you’re out and about. You never know what you’ll find in the architecture at the airport, the shopping mall, or even the grocery store.

- Start collecting change in a jar on the first day of summer. On the last day, estimate your change, count it, and plan a special purchase.

For more fun summertime activities, VISIT PBS Kids.