Helping Your Child Build a Sense of Identity

With your child, write and talk about his name, address, and phone number. Your child will begin to memorize some identifying facts about himself.

Identification data provide a link between children and their adult family members. Especially in case of an emergency, knowing his/her identifying information gives a child a significant form of protection.

• Play word games that help your child remember this information. Sing I am Eva Smith. Dad is Richard Smith. Who are you? Help your child answer with his/her full name.

• Pretend to make a phone call to your house and say your phone number so you child can hear. Repeat it often.

• Talk about your address as you and your child come home: Here we are at 310 Pine Street. Ask him questions about his address. Do you live on Oak or Pine Street?

• Listen as your child repeats the information back to you.